Marcus Nelson Consulting Ltd aims to provide the highest quality standards. Our internal paperwork and systems have been developed to ensure that our customers received the product they expect, on time and within budget.

Ways in which we maintain our high standards include:

Every job ordered has an individual 'Job Ticket' which contains all relevant information relating to that particular item. Such information includes the material type and weight, the PANTONE colours to be printed and samples of the last printed job. This ensures that there is complete continuity for all future orders.

All jobs are printed using the PANTONE Matching System. This is a universal standard to ensure continuity. Any jobs that are printed using the Full Colour Process are converted before hand from PANTONE Solid to Process equivalent.

To ensure the highest quality of print the machines are manned at all times, rather than running fully automated systems. Because a member of staff is always present it ensures that any problems during the print process are immediately spotted and resolved. Every job is printed with 'overs' (more than the quantity required), so that even when any spoilage is removed you will have the correct quantity.

All items are trimmed and packed by hand. This is another essential stage at which we are able to re-check for any spoilage. Random samples are removed and retained to be kept on file / in the Job Ticket.

All production times, both artwork and print, are monitored to ensure we maintain our quick turn-around times:

Any proofs required should be with the customer within a maximum of 48 hours for simple items (such as business cards or minor alterations to existing artwork) or no more than 5 working days for more complex items (such as multiple page brochure).

Most printed items should be delieved within 5-7 working days from Final Proof Approval. More complex items involving multiple processes will require longer, although this will be advised on the quotations or at the time of order.