Personalised Email Address

Customers are offered a personalised email address, for example All orders and requests can be emailed directly to that email address, safe in the knowledge that your requests will receive a priority service.

Your company would have 3 key contacts at Marcus Nelson Consulting Ltd who will be fully compliant with all requirements and ordering patterns/procedures. Therefore, at all times there will be a member of staff on hand to deal with any requests or queries you may have.

Key Contact Names

Our new management system offers the following features:

Each job ordered is given a unique number. This can be used at any time to track an order when re-ordering an item.

An Order Confirmation is automatically generated at the time of order, which can be emailed or faxed through to yourselves, giving full details of the item, quantity and the delivery date.

We are able to add real-time notes to each job. This means we can track events, such as:

  • When the order was placed
  • When any alterations were received
  • When a proof was sent (including to whom and how)
  • When a proof was approved (and by whom)
  • Expected delivery date (or date ready for call-off)
  • When an item was despatched

Keeping track of such events is very important. Your main contacts will have full, unrestricted access to these details and so every aspect of your order can be monitored.

Because we fully monitor each order we can offer a tracking service. When an order is ready for despatch an email can be sent confirming the date, address and approximate time.

Personal, Face to Face Service

The service we offer is very much of a personal, face-to face one. Being central to so many of out clients means we are able to visit at very short notice, for example to discuss new items or products.

Informed Staff

Daily production meetings ensure that staff are aware the stage each job is in the production process and when anticipated delivery is due.

Monitored Turn Around Times

Marcus Nelson Consulting Ltd understand the importance of quick turn-around times so these are constantly monitored. Every job is checked for turn-around time, both in artwork and production, to ensure we stay within our target. If, due to high volumes, our turn-around times increase customers are informed at the time of order, but these increases are rarely more than 1-2 days.

How It Works

Every item is quoted detailing the exact specification, quantity, delivery time and cost of any extras (for example artwork).

A Purchase Oder must be received to process any order. We will not be able to proceed with an order verbally unless we receive a Purchase Order number from a manager.

When an order is processed a Job Ticket is raised internally for each item listing full specifications. A Order Confirmation will then be emailed or faxed, confirming the order details and delivery dates.

If any design or alterations are required the order will be booked into our Design Studio. An approval form will be sent with each proof, which must be signed before we can proceed to the production stage (only for new or amended items).

You will be informed soon as the job is ready for despatch. Samples of each item will be kept in the Job Ticket once delivered to ensure continuity on re-order.